Huffington Post

Millennials new way to ‘Rock the Vote’

The 2008 presidential election made history among young voters. Rallies on college campuses paired with social media activism brought out the highest amount of 18-29 year-olds on Election Day — over 22 million. This year’s race, however, forecasts a completely different turnout. According to a poll from the PEW Research Center, 63 percent of 18-29 year-olds, known as Millennials, definitely plan to vote this year; this is down from 72 percent in 2008.


The fine line

In the days of print, the news section was news and the opinion section was opinion. The only grey area was the physical paper that was distributed. Now, the grey has flooded the online world of blogging and reporting. There is this unspoken fine line between news and opinion that blurred dramatically when anyone could post online and call it “news.” This line, however, is not the one to which I am referring.


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