Slow Down, You’re Southern Now

So, we moved to Raleigh. We’re starting from scratch, kind of. We showed up with the crap that could fit in our cars and started building our new life with free craigslist furniture (no couches or sketchy stains, I promise).

There’s something so beautiful about starting from scratch. Because even though we’re still carrying a lot of the mistakes we made on Long Island (cough credit card debt cough cough); we’re letting ourselves hit the reset button.

See, for my adult(ish) life, I’ve had the comfort of family-home and college-home. At any given time, everyone who helped shape me was a short drive away. Now they’re 600 miles north. But the beautiful thing about it is that everyone seems to get it–we’re forging our own path now, chasing our own dreams, starting our own life.

But what does that actually mean? This opportunity to reset, to start anew, to forge our own path–they all sound existentially cool, but how do you actually apply them? What makes living in Raleigh different from living in Ridge?

I think it has to do with our mindset. We decided that this was the new start, the new day, the whatever. We’re in a place where we’re thriving; we’re choosing to be around like-minded people; we’re choosing joy, abundance and peace.

To some extent, I feel like a piece of me has come to an abrupt halt. It’s no secret that I’ve struggled with anxiety and unstable emotions for most of my life, but down here, I feel like that part of me has hit a wall. I’m finally able to slow down, focus on those dark thoughts and feelings, acknowledge them and let them move on. They no longer pull me onto this highway of soul-sucking thoughts and images; they come, and I let them go.

I’ve slowed down. I’ve stopped and watched the world for a while. I’ve slowed down, because I’m southern now…

Or, at least I’m trying to be 🙂


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